Our Solutions

Training and Job Coaching

FFRP works with trained wildland firefighters in and out of the criminal justice system who have the skills and experience to help address California’s wildfires. We provide pre-release inreach services, post-release training, job coaching, and a transitional employment pre-apprenticeship program.

Connections to Employment

FFRP is building bridges between formerly incarcerated wildland firefighters and California’s forestry fire labor force. FFRP directly combats the increasing threat of wildfires by supporting individuals' transition into professional fire and fuels reduction work.

Partnerships and Collaboration

FFRP works with the State of California and local community partners to provide support and additional services to individuals currently and formerly experiencing incarceration and participating in Fire Camps.

Our Model



We visit fire camps across the state to recruit and prepare currently incarcerated firefighters.



We operate a workers hub and provide coaching and support to participants as they gain the skills and training needed to prepare for long term employment.



We connect participants with employment opportunities and lead pre-apprernticeship programs that provide paid work and on-the-job training.

Our Alumni

“In 2016 I decided to pursue a career in wildland firefighting but I wasn’t sure how to go about it. FFRP has been a big part in this journey, showing me the route I needed to take, always being there to help and motivating me to keep going.”
- David Rodriguez