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FFRP provides help to those formerly incarcerated in California's Conservation Camps, but accepts participants from all experiences and backgrounds.  We are here to help you explore your career pathways.

We offer outreach / awareness seminars, post secondary educational resources / linkages, wildfire training, forestry volunteer opportunities and career workshops.  All services are provided free of charge, though participants must submit an application prior to receiving support.

You must fill out both the Assessment Form and the Cohort Application if you're interested. Please find the link to both below*:

*Applications can 
only be submitted by interested participants - if you are interested in inquiring on behalf of an interested participant that's currently incarcerated please contact

Become a Wildland Firefighter

Please note: All potential participants should understand that at the time of formal employment with an agency, you must be over 18 years of age and able to work in the U.S., with a high school diploma or GED.  All career position offers might be conditional upon completion of an acceptable check of the National Sex Offender Public Registry and federal criminal background check.

Attention: 2024-2025 Program Dates


Program Dates
Weeks of Programming
July 15 - October 3
San Bernardino, CA
12 weeks
October 21 - December 11
Oakland, CA
8 weeks
January 6 - February 27
Pasadena / San Bernardino, CA
8 weeks
March 10 - May 30
Oakland, CA
12 weeks

Opportunity Alert

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Career Opportunities 
No opportunities at this time. 

Be Our Partner

Teamwork Is Essential To Positive Change. FFRP actively partners with various agencies, departments, and collaborators to increase the awareness of Forestry and Fire Careers; as well as being a support network of multiple persons, agencies, educational institutions, and social welfare advocates; actively working to aid in the development of our program participants. Feel free to email us know how we can work together.

Volunteer With Us

FFRP is always in need of Volunteers and Support to continue providing quality services to individuals seeking employment. When you give to FFRP, you fuel our outreach and service programs, creating tangible results that encourage real progress. Your help makes all this happen, and more. Email us

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