2019 Wildfire Work Crew

Transforming Lives.

Reducing Wildfire Damage.

Training Future Firefighters.

The Wildfire Work Crew is a group of Professional Fuels Technicians, Wildland Firefighters, and Trainees who support communities threatened by wildfires; providing fuels reduction and defensible space work.

Crew members on the work crew volunteer their training time and resources to complete projects that reduce the effect wildfires have on public and private property. 

While most crew members are already employed, some utilize The Wildfire Work Crew as a stepping stone to hone their skills and gain the experience needed to transition into professional wildland firefighters. 


and Suggested Donation Rates

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Why are California's wildfires getting worse? What can we do about it?

2018 was California's most destructive and deadly wildfire season on record. We had 8,500 fires; with 2 million acres burned, $20 billion dollars is loss, and 108 deaths. 


Most experts and firefighters agree on 3 things: 1) California's climate and droughts create the perfect wildfire conditions, 2) The population continues to grow in fire prone areas, and 3) There's just too many dead trees and bushes; with not enough resources to remove it.  We can't immediately change the climate; or reduce the amount of people living in fire prone areas. But we can create opportunities for people to reduce the enormous amount of dead trees / vegetation in the state.

Where are the funds going? What are these "Work Projects"?

100% of funds go to the implementation of the crew and its volunteer projects. This includes the acquisition of protective wear, training, and tools needed to make these projects happen. All donations are tax deductible, and relevant in kind gifts are accepted as well. 

Work Projects are opportunities for our volunteer firefighters to continue training and developing their skills while providing needed services for wildfire prone communities. It costs us $500 to sponsor 1 project for 4 volunteer firefighters; typically consisting of fuels reduction, defensible space, and fire prevention work, with other projects completed on request. Sponsor a project at your property, or donate a project to someone in need!* A project sponsorship form is provided upon donation. If you do not want to donate, but want to propose a project, please email us at GMuller@ForestryFireRP.org.


*Donated and proposed projects must be done on private property with the written consent of the owner.

How are crew members trained and certified? Volunteer Firefighters? If trained, why not work for fire agencies?

The crew hosts annual fire and volunteer trainings, ensuring all are certified and red carded according to NWCG standards (the wildland firefighter training authority). This allows our volunteers to be available personally and as a whole unit to be utilized by various agencies in wildfires.

Our firefighters are actively looking for wildfire work opportunities, but various barriers and hiring timelines prevent them from doing so. The Work Crew provides IMMEDIATE opportunities for our firefighter trainees to continue training while awaiting the opportunity to join a professionally fire agency.

Is this program only available for people formerly incarcerated in California's Fire Camps?

NO. Our Firefighters and trainees come from all walks of life. The program utilizes firefighters from multiple agencies and accepts trainees from all backgrounds.

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